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A Hostage Situation

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Remember to always cover your nose when you sneeze. You wouldn't want to spread any germs ... or worse.



That was quite funny... i didn't know what would happen to him, whether he'd explode or what, but that was unexpected!

short and nice...

it didnt made me laugh,but it was pretty good for a first movie...

Not too bad...

Better than I can do... but the art leaves a bit to be desired. The sudden shock of his lungs exploding out of his nose was very nice, but perhaps a little after-climax would've improved it? Or perhaps the lungs moving as he breathed... something along those lines, a little dry after-humor to chase the big laugh with.

Just an idea :)

All in all a very creative, and slapstickily funny offering.

Seawana responds:

I think you are right about the after-joke. When I made this, I was happy enough with it as it was simply because it was my first movie and I wanted to get the thing completed and posted. You know how it is. The typical excitement of finishing a first project.

Anyhow, thanks for the review. I'll take your advice into consideration for the next one.

Just coughed a mouthful of hot tea onto my lap.

I guess FilteredJava must have been watching a different movie, since I didn't hear any music.

Still, the lungs were unexpected enough for me to blow a hot drink through three orifices simultaneously, so that can't be a bad thing.

For the size of the load it packs a punch worthy of a 9.!!

Ah well. I can't figure out why FruitJuice took offece, it's a great first attempt, keep up the great work, I'll be looking out for the second.. :)



Seawana responds:

Hot tea up the nose? Ouch. :-)

I try to keep file sizes as small as possible. Personally, I despise it when some doofus with a T1 decides to add a 4 minute high quality song over the credits. Sheeesh.

Anywho, glad you enjoyed it. Hopefully my next movies will pack a good humor punch too.


I am guessing you are trying to copy the style of old cartoons like Voltron. If that is the case, I applaud your first attempt. It has a lot of the same stylistic effects: repeated graphical events, low movement, and choppy storylines. The music is good and helped me to sit throguh the whole thing.

BTW, who was that at the end that Patrick was asking forgiveness from? I wanted to see, but I couldn't bear to watch the whole thing again just to find out.

Subtle insults are worse than the real ones asshole.

Yeah so im a little bitter. Fuck you.
Ok well, it was good, but, shorts dont go very far around here.

Seawana responds:

My goodness. I seem to have unwittingly hit an open nerve here. Why not let the author of a movie defend himself like I'm doing now. What're you RocksuneJustice's big brother or something? Sheeesh.

And BTW, Thanks for the five as, personally, I think that's about what my movie is worth.

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3.46 / 5.00

Jul 1, 2001
10:28 AM EDT
Comedy - Original