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A Hostage Situation

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Remember to always cover your nose when you sneeze. You wouldn't want to spread any germs ... or worse.

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How ironic.

I sneezed right before I started the movie. Strange, no?

I was expecting his eyes to pop out.

It was okay, but great for it's time.

A Little Funny.

It made me laugh a little. It was just another stupid misleading joke on newgrounds so i didnt really care for it.


amazing brilliant biton the short side but u couldn't have done much to improve it and if u did add something more to it, it would prob spoil it

Another great one Seawana

Rather short but eh, Flash are not made to be long. Another great one and Yes, I hate when that happens. I mean your on a date you lean in for the kiss and Boom!.. Well Shit happens keep up the work.

That was pretty good

Seawana is a great flash artist and i know that this wasn't made with his full potential. But it was nonetheless funny as hell.

Seawana responds:

You, my friend, are a poet and a scholar. However, you are also wrong.

This short WAS made with my full Flash potential. That being said, it was my first piece (circa 2001) and I knew next to nothing about Flash at the time. When compared to my more recent work, it may not be very good, but it was still my best attempt.

Still, thanks for the kudos. I really do appreciate it. I myself still think it's pretty funny.

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2.87 / 5.00

Jul 1, 2001
10:28 AM EDT