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war si no game

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Apr 8, 2005 | 9:38 PM EDT

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Look i made all the changes and it should be better!



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It prooves a point

I agree with you. War only happens because SOME PEOPLE CANT GROW UP AND GET ALONG. My Dad died in this past war. I know what war does 2 people.


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the entire message was


go play some more CS, because war theory isn't your forte.


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I find it interesting that you say, "War is no game.", and yet with you make it look like a game.

Happy trails.


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What a waste... of my time.

Uh, yeah, everybody knows war is no game. Of course, normally one side has good intentions(at least, the soldiers do,) if not both. The problem is, neither side is willing to just figure out a compromise, so they use force, because that's one thing that can't be ignored.
And why are you so afraid of death? Going to transcend into godhood in a few weeks? It's going to happen eventually. Can't be thankful for the time you were given? It's really quite sad.


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Ignore shotgun-wielding-kid

Shotgun-wielding-kid doesn't know what he's talking about either. His NG name says enough about him without him even having to spew his rants. However, you are mistaken on your reasoning of war. Wars don't start because someone is different; they start because of years and years of political bullshit coming to a head.

For example:
1.) US + old USSR are enemies for a long time.
2.) US train Afghani soldiers and let the Taliban take power in exchange for the Taliban's battle against the Soviets.
3.) US leaves the Taliban high and dry once peace is made with the Soviets and democracy starts to form a new Russia.
4.) Taliban gets really pissed. So does the rest of the Arab world.
5.) Constant attacks against US interests take place from Muslim extremists (USS Cole, American Embassies) in retribution for US involvement in the Middle East (some of which arguably had good purpose).
6.) The extemists step on their ding-dongs and take down the World Trade Center, giving the US opportunity to declare open-season on the Taliban government.
7.) The War in Iraq, whether for good reason or not, is the next step in taking down an Anti-American regime that shared similar sentiments that the Taliban government did.
8.) (Time will tell...)

So this is why wars happen, my young friend. It's a bit more complicated than saying "people are different".