Safe Sex?

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OK. every one i re-did the voices. its still a little fuzzy but most of it is more enthusiastic. i hope every one like it better then they did already. Finnaly th updates in i hope you like it more.

Well for the poeple who hate my cartoon:

-Drawings were made that way on purpose. To give it a cartoony look. If i wanted it to be a serious cartoon then i'd draw it nice.
-sound, yes its bad. i went back and fixed them but i think there a little better.

I have noticed alot of different views towards Flashes ever since ive seen all my reviews. I respect both of what poeple have to say about my flash.

For the people who dotn hate my cartoon. Thank you very much. im working on a new game right now and im hoping to get on soon so search for my name in the next week or 2 if you wanna play it.



WOW..i actually liked this

ok just to say, this movie is pretty funny. I dont know why but the idea made me laugh, and the voice just blended in well. Alot of people seemed to hate it, but i actually laughed out loud several times.
good job,
keep it up

twas good!

hmmm cant say why i liked it but it was unique and funny
thats all i got

It's cheaper than birth control!

If you don't order the Rust Away with it =P.
Funny flash. I could hear the voices so that's good enough for me.

I'm confused...

Nice movie, the part explaining the condom use was funny, so that motivated me... Considereing the fact that I'm really high right now, this shit was good!

that was good

not sure if a steel condom would give any pleasure to the guy but what ever works, an by the way the guy sounded like he was 15 an the chic sounded like a dude.

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2.16 / 5.00

Apr 7, 2005
3:01 AM EDT
Comedy - Original