Chrono Trigger Unglued 07

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Edit 4/06:
Wow! Daily Feature! Thank you guys so much! You all rule! Now I can refer to myself as "award-winning Cryokenetic"! ^_^

Wow. It has been a while. Sorry for the inexcusably long wait. School has been taking a lot of time and I had to do this episode over from scratch...well you can read my whining in more detail on my site.

More importantly, we're back and just in time to see if Crono and Lucca get out of the mess they are in. Watch and enjoy, and as always, be on the look out for that elusive bonus scene.

Thanks for waiting. It's good to be back. ^_^

- Cryo



at the end there will be a egg and a black screen,right click anywhere and press play wala! it was awsome mabey we could have fought the snake thouh.. and mabey more game play, include thsoe next version

Cryokenetic responds:

Awww...you spoiled it! :( Now I'll have to fix how to get to the Bonus Scene Screen.

Oh well, thanks for the review. For all of you who haven't found the secret scene, you have to click on the lamp in the scene with the snake.

good work

I have now watched all 7 episodes. I was wondering if for this seventh episode there are two secret scenes? It seemed that way from on of the comments. But, anyways, good job. Number five wasn't working for me a few minutes ago, could you look into that? thanks.

Cryokenetic responds:

No, there is only one secret scene, sadly. Maybe in the future, there will be more than one.

As for EP 5, it seems to be in working order as of 1:00am 4/7, so give it another try.


very nice animation

btw:the bonus sceen isn't hard to find but I'll give a few hints the thing with the angle is a hint, and the thing you need to click to unlock the sceen is in the seen where frog gets hit by the snake

Cryokenetic responds:

Thanks man! Glad you liked it!

Better and better

Great work man, and I love how you keep in a bit interactive (I didn't mean to insinuate that you had gotten rid of it altogether in my last review). The Bonus scene was especially good, my favorite so far.

My favorite Snes game and now my favorite Newgrounds series.
Only one question, when will the next episode come out?

Cryokenetic responds:

The next episode will be out much sooner than it took to get this one out (Much to Daemonex's chagrin ^_^). Thanks for the review!


Number one, funny flash. I liked it.

Number two, shut up damonex, or however your ridiculous username is spelled. Nobody honestly cares if you don't like this flash (and they'll care less after reading your smarmy little bashfest), so why take the time to write that little chunk? Let's talk about sprites. Obviously, nobody can draw as well as you can, with your godly artistic prowess, so they must use sprites to convey their originality. Understood? Stay with me here, buddy. The dialogue was lame? Well, someone here is a hypocrite; look at what YOU wrote. Pfft. Now, if, as you say, there are 'only five different sprites that are almost completely stationary', don't you think we should all be applauding for racking up such a high score with just that? I do. Oh and, oh dear, you're calling people eight years old! Dear God, what pain! What are we supposed to do now that we are deemed young by dambunx (or whatever)? Additionally, is he supposed to fele bad about letting you down? you, somebody who just spent the last few minutes insulting him? Your logic is impeccable. See that window? Jump.

Great Parody, Cyro.

Cryokenetic responds:

Thanks man. I don't want to endorse, y'know, fighting between reviewers or anything, but I enjoyed reading that ^_^

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4.27 / 5.00

Apr 5, 2005
4:01 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody
  • Daily 3rd Place April 6, 2005