The Japanese Pokerap 2

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This one's almost as long as Lesko's Revenge, but I think this was more exhausting to make. If you're not familliar with Animutations, I'll tell you. Animutations are odd music videos usually set to Japanese Pokemon music. They feature all sorts of cultural icons meshed in, as well as tons of private jokes that only certain groups will get, but it all has a certain order to it that keeps you interested (hopefully.) In other words, it's WEIRD ASS SHIAAAAT.


What the hell was that!?

What was up with the Mexican Superman? That was freaky, but thats how i like it. And i have to agree, Bob Ross is a dinosaur. And that drooling monkey with crazed eyes, he is my hero. Keep up the good work with monkeys, Supermen, and of course, Pokemon.

....Im not sure what to say

This was great but was really demented. If you have a wierd mind [like me] watch this. But honestly what was with the Mexican superman?! lol

I liked the first version better

You know how the sequel is never as good as the first movie? Such is the case with this. The second one wasn't as good as the first one. I liked the first one proably because I thought there were funny people and the song was just funny. Once again, a little to long but it wasn't that bad.

Better than the first.

My fave Animutation. w00t. Keep it up. wewt. WOOT? Wewt. woot. w00t. WooT. Whatever. Neil pwns you allz.

hehe.. funny

one of my friends send me this for haloween. Pretty weird however i laugh everytime I see this.

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3.88 / 5.00

Jun 30, 2001
5:55 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody