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The Adventures of BlobBob

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Thanks for Frontpage, Daily Feature and the Adventure Games page!

This game has been in production for almost a year now. We hope you enjoy playing it as much as we've enjoyed creating it!

Programming - Alexander Asvegren
Animation and Graphics - Håkon Mørk aka Hårtufs
Level Design - DonDoli and Alexander Asvegren
Music - Håkon Mørk
Voice acting - Foxphere

Background: Bob goes to get a hamburger, and mystically gets sucked into some weird parallell dimension where loads of (maybe not) fierce looking enemies attack him. Bob has no choice but to try to escape and get back to earth.

Instructions: Use your arrow keys to move Bob. Check the pictures before each new zone to get information regarding the enemies there and how they are supposed to be handled. Press Q to change the quality.


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since flash is coming to an end
this link is to a tutorial i made for downloading flash games

Best game of my life!

Great! A nice game with cool graphics with 5 stags of fun!

Stage 1: Grasslands
1-1: This level was way too easy. That's all I can say.
1-2: Ehh a bit boring though the bonus thing at the end was cool.
1-3: A little hard...
Total stage score: 5/10

Stage 2: Winterlands
2-1: This was just a little too simple...
2-2: A little impossible...
2-3: Ehhh, good enough.
Total stage score: 7/10

Stage 3: Jungle
3-1: A little unexpected because this stage, along with the 4th and 5th stage, had a way longer beginning than the first 2 stages.
3-2: This stage was really long, which I didn't appreciate at all.
3-3: Ehh this stage good but a little hard...
Total stage score: 8/10

Stage 4: City
4-1: Very hard and long
4-2: Even worse!
4-3: Well at least Stage 4 ended out OK...
Total stage score: 4/10

Stage 5: Graveyard
5-1: This was just right :)
5-2: Even better :D
5-3: The boss is right after this section. This was perfect. ;)
Total stage score: 10/10
Total game score: 10/10

poor make up

boring....%u50CF%u513F%u7AE5%u753B%u4 F3C%u7684...


dosnt take long 2 load!!!