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xiao style 1

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firstly, its stick, stick haters go away, i submitted this because i found a MUCH better sound loop and im hoping will do better, so please give feedback on that.

and i think my score was a bit low on my other submission of this, and compared to this: http://www.newgrounds.co
m/portal/view/38285 , mine is MUCH MUCH MUCH better.

so yah, its a xiao xiao movie with xiao xiao style...
anyway, thanks for your time, and enjoy, :).



good movie. u copied the same line as xiao xiao 3, but i dont care. i wish the interactivity wouldve been a little better. overall great job. keep making movies.:)


it started off bad then got good when tons of enemys came on at once and the it got bad because the boss fight was boring. i suggest you make better backrounds. more blood. maybe have the backrounds interactive like in the battlefield series. better choice of music and well you might have your self one hell of a flash movie. it only takes time and patience. i want to see more like this but better.

St3lf responds:

thanks for being constructive :) the sequel is better btw incase you havnt watched it :)


i didnt get most of it but anywayz they're killing Y? its cool but they dont attack really fast and the "enemies" moved slower than the main dude



It's decent...

But man, be a little more original.. This is almost exactly like you're old one... I swear more than half the fighting or more was exactly the same...

Anyhow, still decent stick stuff, just next time change the background or something to set them apart :P

St3lf responds:

if your talking about bataille (which is now deleted btw) then the fighting is 100 percent the same..just the music was changed, but thanks.

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3.38 / 5.00

Apr 5, 2005
12:17 PM EDT