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SS Time Trials 1

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This is the first part of the Star Syndicate┬┤s 2005 Time Trial, featuring popular authors such as Chrome-, j00bie, HappyLeetGhost, TwoStar and Jetninjin

the rules: max time to work in each movie 35 mins, lol

swell preloader by fourstar


Wher did you get the audio two star??

I love that song just not so fast and high pitched where did you get the music.

jn responds:

That song sucks, but anyway if you wanna find it loook for it on soulseek or in altavista, the name of the song is "dragostea din tei"

Good Time Trial!

TwoStar's quick NumaNuma stick death was the funniest part of the movie. Jetninjin, most of the time, your animation is excellent, but yours on the time trial was only adequate. Happyleetghost's was the weakest. Chrome's bloody Foamy was great, as I am now a Foamy hater. J00bie's was just a black screen, I didn't want to see it because I thought it was a Prank Flash. Anyways, nice job on a decent time trial.

jn responds:


So this is where it all began...

Well I must say it's pretty good, but not what I was expecting after seeing the other TT's. I prefer the blue menu in the newer TTs, and the general style of them. But there was some good work in this flash. Jetninjin's flash was pretty funny, and TwoStar's one was hilarious. I couldn't even understand Chrome-'s work, j00bie's one was a bit disappointing, and HappyLeetGhost's piece was just bizarre. All in all i'd give this 4/5. Good start guys, and keep making them! :)

jn responds:


hell, I liked it!!!

theres a wall there, twostar!!!
annoying, but in a very fun way!!! not as bad as everyone says it is!!!

jn responds:



I thought that was poor, i mean i dont like the SS at all so i guess im biased, but that was worse than usual.

jn responds:

:'(, ok

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2.23 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2005
4:41 PM EDT