BR III: Andromeda

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This is part one of the Ball Revamped III game. It took over 2 months to create, and was the brain child of myself and Marc. Two different flash files, split between 100 different levels and two final bosses, multiple power ups, multiple enemies, 10 different atmospheres, and a whole lot more. The files got so big I had the reduce background quality and split the game into two parts. Enjoy! Lightly tap the up key to keep suspended, then start to work in the arrow keys.

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YOU JUST GOT FED IN THE A. wort wort wort.

Could be a lot better.

Great concept, bad conclusion. Extremely difficult to control ball, even on the first level! Slowing the movement down would help immensely.

things go to fast


Another decent Ball Revamped game but like the previous one it runs faster than intended on more modern computers, which makes it more difficult. Again not only can you tell from the ball speed but also by how the time elapsed goes faster than real seconds. Also again this makes it very tough to beat the creator's score which this time is also used as a basis for your letter grade. A few other issues:

-As a few others have said the noisy and moving background is somewhat distracting and possibly even a little eye-straining. While you can turn off the background through the somewhat hidden pause menu that appears when you press P (this is only mentioned on the main menu), that leaves you with a plain blue background which is pretty boring. Another, better option would have been to disable the moving background but keep the picture.

-The Jellyfish should reset to their initial positions when you die, and those positions should be areas that give you a reasonable amount of time to get past them before they block the way (or at least not a spot that blocks the way for too long). As it is now if you take too long then you'll HAVE to wait for them to pass, since dying doesn't reset them. Dying should reset the whole level aside from boss fights.

Ummm... no

No this game really damaged my eyes, plus controling the ball was hard i finded pretty entreteined at the first 3 but then it got anoying cause it was sensitive, pretty good but gotta fix some stuff still i cant say its bad, just anooying.

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3.66 / 5.00

Apr 4, 2005
10:00 AM EDT
Puzzles - Falling
  • Daily 4th Place April 5, 2005