Philadelphia CTU: Scene 2

April 4, 2005 –
March 20, 2008
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In this game you are a member of the Philadelphia Counter-Terrorist Unit. In this second mission you must disarm a bomb that the terrorists have left behind. The gameplay is similar to the electronic game Simon. The main difference is that you will have a set time to complete four phases of the game.


nice one.. i liked Scene 1 a little better, but this 2nd one was still really good too.

dude make the music less loud or the beeping louder. the music fucked up me from hearing the beeps. Fix it and it will b better.

Much better man. This is what I was expecting. Way better then the preschoolish first mission. This was actually excellent and well made. I dont feel like writing another long review for this one so just read the long one I wrote for the first mission and just think the complete opposite because this was excellent. I've only seen a handful of these gamez made and what made it pretty unique is that it was made with flash. So...great job. 2 thumbz d('.'d).

Dont ask but somehow I was thinking of Phone Booth when I was watching this....yea...I dont get it either lol.

Again...love the music. Somethin about it that get's me amped lol.

You should know that you got a (5) for violence because of the bomb exploding.

Nice memory game and the graphics were great. The BG music was nice as well when the timer got to the 30 something seconds it really increased its pace.

Waiting for the sequence to appear was a bit time consuming but if you can make up for it but entering the keys faster.

Great work.

Yay i disarmed the bomb but it said please enter keycode at end and the bomb blew up .... aw man i died

It was really well done. The only flaw that i cant stand is that blurry effect that happens every now and then. Its gonna make me have a seizure. The violence i only gave a 6 on it though cause you dint show anyone being blown up. Anyways it was really well done and better than i could do.

The graphics were incredible, as well as the style and sound.

There was one small thing that annoyed me... when you press the sequence and wait for the light and sound to all go off before pressing the next light, you'll quickly run out of time.

Nice work with the 3d graphics.It was a fun little brain memory puzzle.It was also short like the first part but still fun.


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3.84 / 5.00