Shop Lifter

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This game puts you in contol of a shoplifter, anxiously stealing items without being caught. Watch out for clerks, cameras, other shoppers, store security, and even lasers! See how fast you can become the ultimate shoplifter.

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Am I the only one who thinks it hilarious that the first few levels are about stealing ordinary stuff, like laptops and stereos, then all of a sudden you need to steal a diamond? The game itself is not too bad, a bit boring but I can't really complain.

I really didnt like the graics and the music is to catchy.

Nice imitation

I have played games like this before, but it is still fun to play something like it that works so well. The best part is probably with how you do not have to worry about being detected before you steal something. It does seem a bit strange to have it pointed out what you are supposed to steal when it is clearly there. The graphics were simplistic, but that works for a game like this. I also liked the really casual music. I would never attempt this in real life, as most stores will make a sound if you take something without paying.

I liked it

I liked it but it could be slightly more chalenging.

that was fun

i liked the concept. never stole so much in a game before.
a little more detail in the graphics would be nice, but it was fun to play.
good job!

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3.62 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2005
6:48 PM EDT
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