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UPDATE: Ok, all of the particles ARE draggable. Just to tell you. The music now loops and the pee's "next" arrow is gone. Thanks to those who pointed that out.

Hello there, everybody! This little flash started off as a mere test, and grew into this gargantuan...thing...ahe
m, anyway, theres 30 fun particle thigns for you all to play with. Just to tell everyone, i started this WAY earlier than when Cursors of the Future came out, and although some of it was inspired by it, most of it wasnt. Um, id like to thank all the people that helped me, or tried to, including Xanadu32, AKA_Ben, Josh, Bryan, and some other people (: I respond to all reviews, so pelase review!

- 2k_rammerizkool



Not bad of a flash.......good job

Rammer responds:

thanks d(^_^d)


Man I never used to really watch your movies cause I didnt think it was really worth it, but I decided to give this movie a chance, and you are a hell of alot better than I thought.. you wanna make a collab sometime? I'm not as good as you at flash or anything but check out "!go faster!" , give me some feed back on it and maybe we could do a random flash collaboration!

Rammer responds:

\: it seems that my stalker has come begging for me to make him look better.

"geek! U SUCK hahahahahahaha
u cannot leave ur computer, get outside,do something leave your computer for god sakes! im telling u if u dont get away from your computer you will be struck to nerdom forever!"

p.s u fucking nerd! u suck suck suck!
u are a geeky geek geek geek person full of geekness"

those are previous reviews on 2 entries of mine that you wrote...

im not sure if i want anything to do with you >:|


nice job

ive seen and played everything u have made they might not look that great butr there really fun and cool i liked the green glob falling down.also i noticesd how you always respond to reviews thats cool =D the best one i liked in there was that purple atom symbol. keep making flashes and did u make up rammer?

Rammer responds:

yeah, i aint not no artist...at all...much....

um, yeah, in some cases i think, the graphics dont matter much, but its the substance that counts. anyway, yes, i WUVVVV responding to reviews. it kinda makes me more respectable-ish.

and yes, i did make up Rammer (:


That was great!
Is there anyway you would give away your script at all?
Because that was aweomse

Rammer responds:

go check out the tutorials on flashkit, its there somewhere. i didnt make the script myself, im not that smart (:

sorry for taking so long to respond \:


I can not believe how much you put in this. THis must have took a lot of effort. The snow was my favourite thing.

Rammer responds:

it took a bit less effor than you think. despite how easy it usually is, its turnout is REALLY good (:

snow = cool :P


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Apr 3, 2005
4:18 PM EDT
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