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UPDATE: Ok, all of the particles ARE draggable. Just to tell you. The music now loops and the pee's "next" arrow is gone. Thanks to those who pointed that out.

Hello there, everybody! This little flash started off as a mere test, and grew into this gargantuan...thing...ahe
m, anyway, theres 30 fun particle thigns for you all to play with. Just to tell everyone, i started this WAY earlier than when Cursors of the Future came out, and although some of it was inspired by it, most of it wasnt. Um, id like to thank all the people that helped me, or tried to, including Xanadu32, AKA_Ben, Josh, Bryan, and some other people (: I respond to all reviews, so pelase review!

- 2k_rammerizkool


cool stuff dude

i like this game it is cool i'm giving u a 5!!!


Rammer responds:

thanks for the 5 (:


I actually enjoyed this a lot more than Cursors of the Future. More variety of effects, graphics, and a great soundtrack (that stops after a while by the way)...

I think the "worm" that you got the idea of from COTF was way better than the original for some reason. Maybe it was the color... it wasn't so loud as the bright green. The rest was pretty spiffy truth be told, and I really think you deserve a higher score than you've received. Oh well, keep on practicing and I'll see your next effort when you've submitted it...

So says Dr. Manhattan...

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Rammer responds:

hmm, i thought i fixed the music looping problem. huh. thanks, though

hmm, i never thought about it that way. too bad all reviewers dont think the way you do. all of them see the stuff i "copied" and all of a sudden hate it.

i thought this would get a much higher score, as well. it has more than 4 times the amount of stuff in cotf, with only like, 3 things "copied" yet people hate it.

*sigh* thanks for your review. its good to see that there are some thoughtful people on ng.

It's alright.

Very interesting displays you got there, but I still dont understand the purpose of just displaying a whole bunch, all I see is people moving around there mouses for 2 minutes then closing the flash.

Rammer responds:

is it any different from Cursors of the Future, which got front page? yes. theres more stuff to move their mouse around with.

Not a game

This is not a game. It is a movie. Where the game is in this please do tell.

Rammer responds:

its not a movie, and theres only game and movie categories. if i had to pick one, itd be game. its interactive enough, i believe. it has enough code. yeah. its a game, alright.

|:| idiot

This looks too much like "cursors of the future".

Try making more original work.

Rammer responds:

listen, you ignorant little excrement, if you had read the authors comments, you would have known that i took inspiration from it, and only with 2 or 3 things. this is original. it improves on most of the stuff i "took" from cursors of the future. the worm, i admit, wasnt as good, but its still neat. couldnt you look at the 27 other things that are in there? i made most of those before it even came out. get it through your head.

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3.78 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2005
4:18 PM EDT
Gadgets - Other