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UPDATE: Ok, all of the particles ARE draggable. Just to tell you. The music now loops and the pee's "next" arrow is gone. Thanks to those who pointed that out.

Hello there, everybody! This little flash started off as a mere test, and grew into this gargantuan...thing...ahe
m, anyway, theres 30 fun particle thigns for you all to play with. Just to tell everyone, i started this WAY earlier than when Cursors of the Future came out, and although some of it was inspired by it, most of it wasnt. Um, id like to thank all the people that helped me, or tried to, including Xanadu32, AKA_Ben, Josh, Bryan, and some other people (: I respond to all reviews, so pelase review!

- 2k_rammerizkool


how in the....?

oh man, i can't even begin to fathom how you did all those. Very nice work, and wow, i feel dazed now....0_0

Rammer responds:

its easier than you think :P (:



Could you get me that force field thing as a mouse trail for my website plz... Great stuff you got there!
I also like the split fountain and the wierd purple symbol thing.
The energy thingy's cool too.
Ah! It's all so great.
Hook me up with some of that plz...

Rammer responds:

heh, um, i dunno....

thanks. go to flashkit.com and go to the tutorials, the thing for this is in there. thats how i learned how to do this.

tis gooooooooooood

hours of stonner distraction, lol, specially like the pee one

Rammer responds:

lol, yeah.

It isn't cursors of the future

but I liked it.
It's nice to see such animations :)

Rammer responds:

YES, see, people dont seem to realize that it, in fact, ISNT COTF. thanks (:

Very nice

To be honest, a high score would have been justified solely by the 6th one, which was ace. Overall though, a very cool collection.

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Rammer responds:

heh, thanks. i like that one (: i like most of the stuff in here.

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3.78 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2005
4:18 PM EDT
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