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Okay,here it is...a month and a halfs work.I call this one daydreams...because its basically the kind of things I think about while doodling and drawing.It may not make a whole lotta sense....but I'm fairly sure the stuff that goes on in your mind makes much sense either.The real reason I made this was for animation practice....I like to get some form of moving picture out every couple of months,and I think it may very well be the best film I've made yet.The jokes and refferances are sometimes subtle..so look for them..and also,at the end it really gets hilarious.Anyway...I hope you all enjoy it.

Oh yeah,big thanks to my buds Randy A.,Rick A.,and Anthony C. for providing the inspiration and ideas for the ending sequence...and of course providing the voices.You guys Rock.

P.S. If you don't know what "Monkey spunk" is,its a movie my friends rick and tony made.....I'm gonna post the link...but beware...some things cannot be unseen.


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Lmfao. I actually really liked it. The animation was good and the transition between themes and... games and stuff was cool. I recognized a few things, but not all of them.


I didn't find anything that funny until the ending, and it just seemed to drag on and on, but the randomness of it all made it good.

I give this animation a 6.2. Keep up the good work.

that was great

all those random thoughts were hilarious. the best is when he gets his head eaten by the metroid.


it was good and all..guess some one who has no idea who you are no idea what goes on in your head, this wouldnt make sense.. isn;t that song used in shaun of th dead?

Scarily enough....

That reminds me of myself when I'm daydreaming. Myself, and all the random crap my friends and I come up with. XD

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4.00 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2005
2:39 PM EDT
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