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Sloppy Fight 2

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Author Comments

Finished it at last! We hope you enjoy it. You might want to set the quality to medium, but it's not too graphic intensive, apart from the last scene.

EDIT: Thanks so much for front page, and all the awesome reviews!

Some FAQs:

1) Sloppy Fight 1 is at www.velodius.com. It would probably get blammed if we submitted it to NG though.

2) When we started SF2, the music wasn't at all over-used, as it is now. We started it just when Matrix Reloaded was released, so...

3) Sloppy Fight will return...


Ambitous, but it doesn't go anywhere

Nice graphics, but it didn't go anywhere. It seemed more like a student project with directions like "Make something showing lots of effects, add some cool sounding music, speed it up, and show what you can do"

As far as that goes, it was fine. Yeah, good graphics, nice choice of music, but I kept waiting for it to end.

I think it was ambitious, but there was an over-use of certain effects (like the lightning -- yes, we get it, you like to use it.. okay, great) and it went on too long. Four separate scenes (I know there were four separate scenes because at the end the viewer can choose to go back to any one of the four -- that's a nice touch, btw, the ability at the end to return to a specific point. Keep that in future work) But four separate fight scenes, all showing a type of effect.. there was no humor, no real point to it.

As I said before, it just seemed like it was an attempt to showcase what the person can do. And while some of the things he did were good, it didn't coalesce into anything that held together. The parts were better than the sum... you need some kind of point, some kind of storyline, something you're trying to convey other than "Look at this effect" or "I picked cool music for this really neat looking four scene fight"

I think this person, if he had an idea, could probably execute it well.. if he held in check his tendency to want to show what he can do without something to build it on.

I think this is gr8

THis is gr8 mate keep up the good work i mean great work

"The Most Incredible Stick Movie I Have Ever Seen"

Amazing style. Normally I wouldn't even give a stick movie 3 seconds of my life but this one was incredible. The animation was smooth and fluid. I loved the dramatic-close-up-action the scenes take when ever one of the character initiates a powerful attack. The detail backgrounds which the characters actually interact with and the intense music make this one incredible movie! My big concern is, "How will you ever top yourself in Sloppy Fight 3?"

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Overall review 8

Well, it's probably front page material..?

Hmm, lets see...
The Graphics were none other than exellent, despite they were stick -things you managed to get the best out of them. The effects were, just cool. Hmm, the sound matched the movie very well, and it just ruled! Must watch this movie 10/10. It must have taken ages to create this. Anyway, Good Job.

Fast paced and great

Amazing and very stylish, especially since you managed to sync the movie very well to the Matrix Reloaded burly brawl theme. There wasn't a single moment where the song was out of sync with the movie, great job man, straight 5's and 10's all the way.

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Credits & Info

4.18 / 5.00

Apr 3, 2005
5:53 AM EDT
  • Frontpaged April 5, 2005
  • Weekly Users' Choice April 6, 2005
  • Daily Feature April 4, 2005