Snake Eater Chronics Ep01

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Episode 2 is out!! http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/276927


Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater's Chronics
An animated spoof of MGS3 Snake Eater, this is my first Flash movie, the other one i submited was a rip of this one, i had to make it shorter 'couse i screwed with the fps, but the second episode will be much better in every fact. Vote fair, feel free to review


Amazing jon

Could use some improvement on the graphics and also more animation, its a good animation, usually people dont care if it is your first animation, when they see thaat, the automatically vote 0, so im surprised you made it out, keep the good work.

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PWN with a capital PWN

Whoa shun, i didnt know YOU made this!

This makes me admire you twice as much! You PWN!

SaintShun responds:

Why?, i mean its pretty bad, it was my first try but still bad, anyway thanks for the compliment :)

A great parody.

Though it wasn't flat out hilarous it was a great watch considering it stayed true (for the most part) to the story of Metal Gear Solid 3 and had a good amount of funnies in it too,as fo the voice acting i loved Snake's voice but Zero's could use a little work on it,anyways this looks to be an entertaining series. :)

You were right.

This one is way better.

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SaintShun responds:

lol w00t!!

episode 02


"Who cares about Cuba?!"

Very good! I have to say, your dialogue between Major Zero and Snake / Big Boss is excellent! I was kind of worried when I saw a Metal Gear spoof, being a big fan of the series myself, but you did a really good job! Some timing could have been a bit quicker, such as the transition from the HALO jump sequence to the Virtuous Mission briefing, but otherwise you nailed it spot-on!

Couple of things:

1. A British accent, even a badly mangled one, will do wonders for Major Zero. His eccentric nature was one of the funniest things about the actual game, and I have a feeling that you could play with it in your favor, as well.

2. Snake's voice is excellent...even better than NALO and LF's Solid Snake. David Hayter would be proud: in other words, don't change a thing with Snake!

Well played. I look forward to newer episodes. Your dialogue alone is worth the trip.

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SaintShun responds:

thanks for your review, i just want to let you know that the second episode will be much better now that i am more experienced with flash, i will try to make improvements to the characters, and let Dan Beckmann do his job as Snake's voice

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Apr 2, 2005
10:55 PM EST
Comedy - Parody