Snake Eater Chronics Ep01

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Episode 2 is out!! http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/276927


Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater's Chronics
An animated spoof of MGS3 Snake Eater, this is my first Flash movie, the other one i submited was a rip of this one, i had to make it shorter 'couse i screwed with the fps, but the second episode will be much better in every fact. Vote fair, feel free to review


Was funny

I like this flash of MGS but the thing u need its to put in the flash things more funnys but it was a good flash, the paracuhte was awsome.

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this is great cant wait for the next one, the snake voice was incomparable to david haylers, this was very funny too, the animation was good compared to some shit on newgrounds

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wtf... that sucked

It went on forever and it wasn't even funny. I was so bored i even started up windows media player and then starteed listening to SOAD. The breifing room scene was just the plain essence of "WTF!!". I'm sorry to be a Simon Cowell, but it was absolutly dreadful.


I'm the biggest MGS fan out there. Most of the MGS spoofs on this site are pretty good (sitill waiting for Metal Gear Crisis Ep. 2). The sounds were fine, but the graphics could use an improvement. Also, the jokes could have been more funny. I understand this is your first movie so I'll go easy on the score. Keep it up.

better than average

I had a bunch of Historical discrepancies I was gonna cite until I saw the ass parachute and realized that accuracy wasnt exactly your intent

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3.78 / 5.00

Apr 2, 2005
10:55 PM EST
Comedy - Parody