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Ever afraid that you're not knowledgeable enough in the area of not dying? Here's your answer, watch this movie to discover ways of not dying, so next time you're stuck in a difficult situation and think you might die, you can think "Wait, I know how not to do this".

Note to double helix: if you wish me not to use the 'ohmygodimonfire' thing, i will happily take it out, i only put it in because its such a great line, but i respect your wishes.


that was hilarious

that was great.My favorite one is when he kept getting hit with rocks.

Can't stop laughing!!!

This was easily the funniest thing I've seen in a LONG time. Some things like the tree and the acid were predictable, but the thing with the rock caught me totally off guard. Beautiful work. PLEASE MAKE MORE!!!!!!

the title kinda reminds me of "How not to be Seen"

This was very funny. Maybe add a few more sounds, or music, yea... Music

Then it would be ten out of 10

this flash was funky

haha my favourite had to be the rocks, damn funny. and dont forget the scissors one, that was good. it was simple and entertaining which made it so great. i give it a 5

Great style

I like how you did so much with so little... Those were all hilarious, especially when the canibal takes that bite out of the guy. The cheesy sound is funny too.

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3.83 / 5.00

Apr 2, 2005
12:24 AM EST
Comedy - Original