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Ever afraid that you're not knowledgeable enough in the area of not dying? Here's your answer, watch this movie to discover ways of not dying, so next time you're stuck in a difficult situation and think you might die, you can think "Wait, I know how not to do this".

Note to double helix: if you wish me not to use the 'ohmygodimonfire' thing, i will happily take it out, i only put it in because its such a great line, but i respect your wishes.


Well today i learnt something new...

This is the best guide on not dying. Just dont do wat the hero guy did and ure not in trouble=P! The best part was about the coconut tree. Man make more of those movies!

Flippin sweet*

i agree wit game.The black and white cartoon guys are always funny. by the way, the sfx were so nice! i loved it when he jumped off that big building. And the ohmygodimonfire was nice. The rocks scene was nice lol. i was laughing a lot from this animation. I never wouldv thought about anything this awsum. plz make sumore of these. probably make a series.

wow, you read my mind

thats was super funny, i doent care the fact most of it was white, that makes it easy to see, good job! and nice D.O.V.G. homemage
"omygodimonfire" classic, but his name was Tom, just so you know, but i love the simpie funny cartoon, A++

i love it!

dude thats hilarious.. "ahhimonfire!" heheheh.. just a little more color, music etc, and it will be front page material!

Bodie responds:

The ohmygodimonfire thing... i dont want to get any credit for it. it was a complete ripoff of what the guy in the decline of video games movies says when he is set on fire, i didnt think anyone would like that bit :P so just make sure you remember when you laugh at that bit.. think how cool the decline team are.


that was great, i saw number 2 before this and both afre funny, make another?


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Apr 2, 2005
12:24 AM EST
Comedy - Original