Siege Outbreak

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This movie has 24 FPS of frame by frame animation. You can bet a LOT of effort was put into this movie.

This movie is based on a breakout, you will understand more of the story as the series continues. I worked extremely hard on this movie to make it as smooth as it can be so I hope you appreciate the time taken to animate this.

Please visit my site - www.flash-deck.com for updates and more!


Nicely Done.

I enjoyed this a lot. Being a CS player, I know where that scene takes place, on CS_SEIGE. :-D, I really liked the animation, it was really smooth. This seems to be a break from the usual funny-type CS movies you've made before, and the transition from STICK to NON seems really smooth. Just Nicely Done.

*A small comment on the lower review*
KillBill was done that way =/.


OMG FINALLY ANOTHER CS CARTOON *guy dwon below me doesn't know what siege is i guess* but ive been waiting and then u give me a cliff hangar!!! aRGGG

Hmm this is a tough one...

I really hate any kind of movie with senseless violence for the sake of violence. Your clip seriously lacked story line so I didnt like it. I did read ur comment on how the next episodes will clear up the story but that still doesnt help Episode 1, so frankly I wouldnt see the point in watching 2. I suggest u re-evaluate the order u want to present the storyline in because I'm sure I amen't the only one. Also, I did find the sound quality to be a bit lacking, but that happens to be one of my favorite pieces so u get some brownie points ^^. I remember it was used for the 2 Towers trailers back a while ago and thought it was composed by Howard Shore but thanks to your credits Ive got it straight now.

Oh and on a positive note, your animation was fairly excellent, and relatively smooth compared to almost every other movie with fight scenes. So well done.

two towers requiem mix my fav song

although i must admit the graphic were not as good as i had hoped the movie was very long one of the longest i have ever seen that tell me you must have worked on it for a long time although the movie was not a well made as others i have seen it is one of my favorites and i love what you did with the two towers song i am a hardcore lotr fan and i loved what you did with the song the way it went along with the movie was wonderful a lot of the people will talk shit about you and say stupid things id like to see them make a flash as good as your people who cant make one should not be allowed to talk shit they probably cant draw for shit i see extreme potential keep up the good work and maybe get back to me


awsome animation keep it up.

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3.94 / 5.00

Apr 2, 2005
12:09 AM EST