The Fairy - Short Flash

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All characters in this flash belong to forget reality and they were all drawn by him.
I colored most of it (except johny) and animated everything.
Voice acting by some people which appear in the credits. I'm too lazy to name them =D

Anyways, if you want to know more about these characters, go to Forget Reality's sheezy art page to find out more since they are his characters.

Btw, Forget Reality is called Jindrich here in new grounds, so you can contact him if you want to know more about his characters. And so you all know, I am using his characters and art because we usually work on flashes together using his drawings. So I have his permission to use them as well.
Well, enjoy!


Its alright.

I give it a 3 it was simple and it was sorta funny.


Played similar games...for some reason I never do very good with them. Like in the case of this game, 9 times out of 10 I'd hit a plant or spike trap, yet my kitten was skillful in evading the helping items I played this game around 20 times not once did it hit a missle and it only rarly hit a trampoline. Never mind that if it hit an explosive it would IMMEDIATLY fall into a trap.

While nice the game needs better placment of the items.

I Need The Happy Fairy... TO KILL

Nice job FR and Pablo. The Forumites Team, keep it up.

It's OK

Of course, anybody would shoot a fairy like that.
The world seems to hate people being too happy, for some stupid reason. But good job.

hardy har har

I guess this means the happy fairy won't live on =P The animation was pretty smooth, it'd be cool if you made more submissions that are longer =)

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2.87 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2005
8:13 PM EST
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