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This is something you get when I have too much spare time at/after school. I thought it was kindof amusing so I've added a simple interface and controls. It didn't take much time to build, it's not perfect either.

Just try some stuff, play with it.. Whatever you feel like.


You are the king of physics simulation!

*bows* You have got to have the greatest physics skills of anyone ever. This game was good, and so are your others, but if you actuall applied yourself to make a full game, you would pwn. You would pwn hard.

i dont understand...

wat was those weird black orbs when u clicked? awesome game neways

just nat a god way to say ur doing something seied

ucational i nknow thre's no sound but :P

im gamemad da gamemad 9 yr old please reply to me

hi im rosie erm i LOVE your flash man there just small things but they are brill i like the gravity based movement one best ( you should give that a better name it takes ages to search) soz i dont like this one that much coz i dont get what to do please do what the above bar says and please enjoy/hate what ive just said and the results i have given you.

It was VERY good!

That was really awsome scripting and I really liked the interface!
keep up the awsome work!

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2.77 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2005
5:16 PM EST
Gadgets - Other