"target practice" W.W.W

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i saw jeff weises animation and saw that he did the deed ultimately. i was shocked. i just decided to shoow in my own animated form how he made the wrong choice. the kkk, the fat kid, the french lookin guy and the normal person were all the ones that were killed in jeffs origional movie, so thats the only reason i put them in. i understand the situation of jeffs life to the best of my ability. i researched pages and pages of articles and accounts of what happened in his life and at the conclusion of it. i dont disagree that jeff was COMPLETELY bullied and abused, and that he faced alot of trouble and torture, but the way he whent about taking others down with him was utterly wrong after not trying to the best of his ability to find help or someone to talk to. jeff killed 9 people and himself, was a neo-nazi and hated the "unpure" blooded races and mixing of cultures. this is the point i adress in this animation and to those who want to state their view i am completely willing to listen and talk. i am not an unreasonable person. please accept what im saying, i am being as sincere as possible because what jeff did and whent through was a complete tragedy. again, im sorry to those in offence.- JAZZA.


Utterly pointless

Agreed, Mootang. This is in extremely horrible taste. Not because it's mocking the killer himself, but because there's absolutely no reason for it to have existed in the first place. It's over, it's done with, stop being a dipshit.

You know, sometimes people deserve to die.

I don't precisely know the reason for Jeff's murders, but usually it's because people like you are treating Jeff like shit. The people who do treat someone like they're nothing, do not desevre to live. THEY are the assholes. I'm not saying what Jef did was honorable, but being pushed over the edge may not of been his fault. This submission is just a way to get people to like you and to make yourself seem better than Jeff.
The only reason this flash even got on the front page is because the context is contraversial. It sucks. It's totally uninspired and I think Tom or Wade should be ashamed of themselves for putting this on the front page.
I gave graphics a seven because Jeff was a pretty good artist.

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first of all get your own ideas instead of recreating this cartoon knowing that people will be interested because of the recent tragedies and second of all we all know any prepare suicidal child would carry ammo

How Amusing

You actully belive you are intelligent or smart by making this ... you belive that your going to be some big hero by poking fun at this ....... well I can assume it is safe to say that when I say this I speak for everyone .... you need a life ... and fast .... I suggest ... you go talk to your parents or who ever bought you your own computer ... and talk about your feelings ... maybe get professional help .... because you need it


This is just tasteless crap, no matter how you look at it. Even people with the argument that you should be able to laugh about everything should think twice. Yes, you CAN laugh about everything but that doesn't mean you HAVE to.
It is just a matter of taste...

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3.48 / 5.00

Apr 1, 2005
8:39 AM EST
Comedy - Parody