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"target practice" W.W.W

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Comedy - Parody

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Apr 1, 2005 | 8:39 AM EST

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i saw jeff weises animation and saw that he did the deed ultimately. i was shocked. i just decided to shoow in my own animated form how he made the wrong choice. the kkk, the fat kid, the french lookin guy and the normal person were all the ones that were killed in jeffs origional movie, so thats the only reason i put them in. i understand the situation of jeffs life to the best of my ability. i researched pages and pages of articles and accounts of what happened in his life and at the conclusion of it. i dont disagree that jeff was COMPLETELY bullied and abused, and that he faced alot of trouble and torture, but the way he whent about taking others down with him was utterly wrong after not trying to the best of his ability to find help or someone to talk to. jeff killed 9 people and himself, was a neo-nazi and hated the "unpure" blooded races and mixing of cultures. this is the point i adress in this animation and to those who want to state their view i am completely willing to listen and talk. i am not an unreasonable person. please accept what im saying, i am being as sincere as possible because what jeff did and whent through was a complete tragedy. again, im sorry to those in offence.- JAZZA.



Rated 4 / 5 stars

I liked it.

I like spoofs, no matter what it's a spoof of. This one was generally clever, and the Monty Python quote was priceless. You made an exact replica of his cartoon too, which is very impressive.


Rated 4 / 5 stars


I see your point of view but damn...that was a little harsh, dont you think? Im not saying it was wrong but just a little harsh. Still very good work. Hope to see more!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Boo Hoo, my life is tough, I'm gonna go kill.

You know what, I don't sympithize at all with whining bitches like Jeff. I'm sorry to hear his life was hell. I'm not in the best situation eather(though it is better then ol' Weise's). If he has a bad life there are plenty of vents. I vent though being cynical, cold, and somtimes hitting inanimate things with sticks. This is how I get by, and look at me, I;m a normal guy with a normal girl in a normal school. I have my problems, but I don't go gunning down people because I'm unhappy.

But onto the movie, it was ok, the french man was forced, it made me cringe just veiwing it. Other than that it was slightly funy, worth a 4.


Rated 3 / 5 stars


In anyother case, I would have found this absouletly hilarious - one animator poking fun of another, bringing the other animator's characters back to life and ridiculing them. However, this is a real situation. Jeff Weise was not a horrible person - he made a mistake and was not thinking clearly. I wish that I could laugh along with this movie, but I can't - because this is something that effects everyone - not just the 9 people killed, but the community.

You have a way of incorporating other people's work with yours, simple frame by frame animation with at times more intense graphics. This was honestly funny at times, torturing a character who would have inevitably killed other characters, who in turn get even for their prevented demise. You show a lot of promise, your humor mixed with violence is heavily saught upon - just pick a different topic with less baggage and something that someone can watch without worrying about the effect that it has on other people's lifes.




Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


so according to your movie, you solve violence with violence. That defeats any purpose of this movie.

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