Heart Attack (mini game)

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I came up with this while playing Jak 3. When I learnt how to use flash I made this as a little game that I am now putting on NG. All by Beau Lovell aka BJLman. Enjoy the mini game!


Pretty good.

Harder than the version in Jak 3, haha.

Ignore these dudes below who gave you low scores.
I thought it was good!

A Neat Game with Potential

That was kind of cool. I hope you keep working on it or make a sequel with a bit more to it.

stickists responds:

i wasn't planning on making a sequel but seeing as so many people have asked for one i will make one with more features graphix and music and lose the anoying heartbeat sound that everyone hates

It may be stolen, I dunno...

BUT I DO KNOW I SUCKED!!! It was so boring, how could anyone play that for more then 1 minute with closing it for good!!

stickists responds:

you said "BUT I DO KNOW I SUCKED!!!" did you mean you sucked at the game, or was that a mis type and you missed the T after the 2nd I. if you ment you sucked at it well practise makes perfect :)


Straight from Jak 3 you theif get out of newgrounds

stickists responds:

actualy its not straight from jak 3 and i am not a thief. what is classed as stolen on newgrounds is the same or pretty much the same swf file as someone elses, not because it has the same consept as a ps2 game.


You didn't get this idea while playing Jak 3. You stole this mini game directly FROM Jak 3!

stickists responds:

again i say something counts as stolen when it is the same or similar swf file not same concept or similar concept as part of a console game

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2.42 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2005
5:47 PM EST
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