Hidden Sorrow

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Collaboration between DeFusion, Mikari and Me.
Most of the stuff is explained in the extra features

(Yeeeaaah, it gots extra features.. yay me!)


Well Done

This flash, I think it was excellently animated, and I know there's alot of "hidden meaning" too it but, I really think this is one of those flashes that you "try to hard" on. It's a wonderful piece, don't get me wrong, but you overload the senses so much it sucks the feeling out of it.

I'm not talking about putting stuff all over the flash so we'd have something to watch. That's not what's distracting...

It's like you're trying so hard to immerse us in the emotional state of the person within this flash that it disconnects us.

However, other then that, I think that this piece is beautifully animated and I hope inspiration hits you again. But next time, make it a more personal inspiration, BE THE POEM. So to speak... You have talent. I see that... But rather then forcing your talent, let it take on it's own shape.

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Pretty Good, but just one thing......

I'm pretty sure suicide is a sin within itself and if you commit suicide they won't let you into heaven...... err, that's what the bible says anyway =P


deep, very beautiful, this is good flash, keep making this kind of stuff, every once in a while do a humorous one though, otherwise kids might start getting ideas :S

Incredibly sad

It's a sad movie

done greatly but I don't mean the animation or the graphics... I mean what hits you in the heart, what makes you think, what makes you feel.

Great work !


That was so clichéd that I couldn't watch past the first 2 lines. I had to close it so I wouldn't barf. Good animation and all that, music's ok too. But please please, do something less chichée.

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3.86 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2005
12:44 PM EST
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