Battle For Terry Schiavo

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After realizing his wife will never come out of her vegetative state, Michael Schiavo decides that he needs someone to pleasure him and obviously a squash isn't going to do so. You play as Michael Schiavo and must avoid the feeding tubes and reach Terry before her bitch mother does.

Controls :
arrow keys to move

This is the first game from Swell Productions; A flash-game company created by Star Syndicate founders, SixStar and SevenStar. We have left the Star Syndicate in order to create these games so please vote fairly, and if you feel inclined to do so, review.



Not horrible

Graphics: Just pics of their faces with the occasional stick figure. Were those sperm that send you back to start?
Style: Eh, doing one on Terry Schiavo does mean you have balls. Four points for trying.
Sound: Horrible. Dude, don't make multiple instances of the same song. It was like my ears were being fucked. With barbed wire.
Violence: n/a
Int: It's a pretty simple game.
Humor: eh.
Overall: 2. Not the worst flash out there.

Couldn't get it to work

Hey! Interesting game! :-) Nobody else seems to have had the same problem I did, but for some reason, my arrow keys wouldn't do anything. So I didn't get to play the game, but I'm giving you a good review anyway because of what I -should- have seen (judging by the other reviews), as well as because it's obviously my computer and not your game that's screwed up. Thanks for the vicarious chuckle. ;-)


^^Good Points^^
LOLOLOLOL! This has to be the funniest Terry Shiavo thing I've ever seen. Even the preloader started this game out as a funny game. I loved it. The game itself is very funny because of the perfectly fitting background music. This was a very funny portrayal of the battle for the rights to Terry Shiavo, and the ending was just too hilarious, with Terry dancing away, and the "Haha, Terry Shiavo stays alive" message is just the best ending to a game every. People need to loosten up and take this as a joke.

^^Needs Improving^^
What the heck were those little white things in the maze? I hit two of them :(

SwellProductions responds:

they were feeding tubes

It's kinda dumb

The only reason I gave you a five is because you showed what a dick her husband was.

Battle For Terry Schiavo

I need to say this,I liked the game,you ppl out there have your opinions and I have mine to!

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1.41 / 5.00

Mar 31, 2005
1:53 AM EST