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Mar 30, 2005 | 10:10 PM EST

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oops i ment the other one this ones the good one



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what happrns when you harm a fox

if you harm a fox your head will explode. (your head will not grow back EVER). it takes a few years when its a flash game.


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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

not bad

it was a cool whack-a-mole-style game, i loved the drawings in this game. it was really simple though.... but i have no idea why you want us to vote 0 for this.
if you submitting a new version, no problem, but this one is still cool too.


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Luvin' it!

Wow, U want us 2 vote 0? This was brilliant! The animations on the fox were very detailed, i like the way it's noise bounces when it pops up out of the hole. I agree with what others have said, most wack-a-thing games have been too simple, U might have even started up a new genre called "detailed wack-a-thing games", where people make incredibly high A.I wacker games....

Anyways, I love this and I hope you make more stuff like this!


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

One that everyone will enjoy :)

Wow I have to say, if you did make this yourself (I’M not actually saying you stole it per say, but read the reviews before me and well... you get what I mean); this is one of the most fluent games I have ever seen – definitely one of the best “Whack-A…” games so far!
First off, graphics. This is probably one of the best aspects of the whole game, and where I am really impressed. I am arguing that yes, the game-play is what counts, but let’s face it – graphics do pay a certain contribution in how entertaining the game is. You need to see to SEE as well as FEEL the game. I really loved the cartoon style of the game and feel that with realism this game just wouldn’t have the humorous feel it has now, it felt classic slapstick. This is because of the way you presented it and animated the game. For example, when you ‘whacked’ a fox its head spun around and he fell down dazed and confused – perhaps if you make another one of these some birds can spin round the animal’s head when he is hit for even ,ore cartoon classic looks? I could say that this is bad because it includes no gore, but to be honest I think it just isn’t as fun when you whack away and gore and guts fly everywhere needlessly, it just gives the game a slight sense of immaturity and unless presented and pulled of well, it just doesn’t personally do anything for me. The flash looked, and therefore felt pretty and also seemed very ‘cute’, I mean this in a good way though since I love the cartoon look of the game and it has a level of humour to it. The way a fox popped out of a hole with a cheesy grin on his face, it gave me a good chuckle and made me feel happy. Animation was something I was really impressed with within the game, and probably the best I’ve ever seen in this style of game. Let’s face it, the average Whacking game is pretty much bog-standard and the author makes little effort with their graphics, an un-detailed animal sticks out of a hole in a very stiff manner with a cardboard-looking appearance. I was amazed how much detail you have put into one fox! The way his nose kind of bounced when he stuck out of the hole and the way he had a ‘bouncing’ movement both coming out of the hole and going down, it moved along very fluently and gave the game a more fast-paced feeling.
Next, sounds. A little disappointing but not bad per say. I liked the background music of the flash, this again adds on to the slapstick feel of the game. However, I couldn’t help feeling though that you had missed out a lot of opportunities in the sounds department. You gave us music, but I couldn’t fail to notice there is no sound when we hit a fox, nor when he pops up. Just adding in music won’t really compensate for it, the game’s action feels a little ‘mute’ with no sound effects.
Game-play is where this game shines though. This is genuinely fun to play because it’s presented well and because there’s no gore and just happy slapstick fun, it gives you a more relaxing feeling ;and also a better sense of accomplishment because you know you aren’t partaking in an extremely violent game with remains of things flying about, it feels better to take your stress or playing needs out on something so cheery as this, because the action is a lot more fulfilling. I sometimes like gore, but let’s face it you play a violent game, bits fly everywhere and then you realise there’s a real sense of emptiness, a lack of content. I liked how the fox popped up faster and faster as you went on, this gave the game a good learning curve. However, I was a little disappointed there was only one fox you need to hit. How about multiple foxes popping up at the same time? The game was a little too easy to beat, I felt.
Overall, it’s got some little improvements you could make though, but I don’t feel a remake is necessary, I would be happy to see another of this kind of thing from you. If you did make this, “Wack-A-Fox” is a great whacking game and definitely one of the best. A game that the whole family could enjoy. Well done :)

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