Miss.Dynamite XVI

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Edit April 1st 2005: April Fool's! There was no hack!!!
HAHAHA! Ihacke sirKowski you tout you were so grate fo making fun of the brain dead bot the LORD LOOKS ON ON YOU???OK now we make Missdynamite 17 next you if you like if you dont like JESUS IS ANGRY OK???yes we Bring sirKowski website bak wen He excuses ok DONT MAKE FUN OF TERY CHIOVA!!ok


Yo quit being such a dick.

I don't agree 100% with the terri flash neither. But it's a friggin flash. A cartoon. It isn't real. So stop hating Sirkowski and get that piece of CRAP out of his site. Cuz i'm a BIG fan of his work and i wanna see miss.dynamite 16 as soon as possible.

Ok first

Ok so if you really hacked him, then you are just a stupid script kiddie moron with no tallents and trying to get attention that you dont get at home for some reason, you are probably not an only child so a newborn child is getting the attention or you like to be big and use your skilss in a bad way.. you probably just hacked his hotmail or something lame ass shit.... with the secret question and that was like "favorite sport team" or something gay... and you then just told newgrounds you forgot password and you are lame for that... so if we sum things up you probably have abusive parents that like to use you for their private slave and you are not getting the attention you deserve and well hacking great artist like Sirkowski is the scriptkiddie lamest so 1997 that you just so sad little kid.. its tragic i know but this is just something that happens from future fugitive.... or potsmoking nerd.... so my deepest regards R.I.P MORON...

But in any chance this is early april fool joke then... You just damaged your Submission list :$


This is surely not a real h4xx0r1n6 ;)
Surely just an early April Fools joke...Well...The Joke's on you Sirkowski! APRIL FOOLS DAY IS IN TWO DAYS >:O
Besides, how would a hacker have such terrible typing skills? Nice try though Sirkowski ;)

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A interesting......... direction.

I wonder if this would be a regularity for Miss D.?


This gets my protection point! Either way it's fucking hilarious - whether someone hacked the account and put this piece of poop up, or whether it's a sick joke from Sirkowski.

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2.16 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2005
2:27 PM EST
Comedy - Parody