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Miss.Dynamite XVI

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Edit April 1st 2005: April Fool's! There was no hack!!!
HAHAHA! Ihacke sirKowski you tout you were so grate fo making fun of the brain dead bot the LORD LOOKS ON ON YOU???OK now we make Missdynamite 17 next you if you like if you dont like JESUS IS ANGRY OK???yes we Bring sirKowski website bak wen He excuses ok DONT MAKE FUN OF TERY CHIOVA!!ok


Is this 4 real? I hope its some kind of sick joak!

I hope this Is a joak?If its not I feel sorry Mr Sirkowski Its just bad but If some little Beep of a kid Hacked in your Web page Get Hi <IP > adress and see if you can find his house.Then send two of your frends over there and give him some Miss.Dynamite Justice! I know you don't need to hear how bad it was and so on if it was not your doing People shood lay off you till we know if its a joak or 4 real! I hope you get this Little God Loveing freak and I hope God has him crossing the street when a truck looses its brakes. I hope people who do stuped Beep like this shood have to pay for what they did.The funney part is its not me who it happend to and I am pissed off as if it is.Mr.Sirkowski I hope you get this little s.o.b and I hope his ass has to pay the price.Your fan spoosh. p.s if you did make this and its some kind of joak wow you got us good I say but if its not I hope you the best on geting this s.o.b


Woah, that movie rocked so much the world's major fault lines cracked :P

*12 thumbs up* EEEeeeeey

Funny For A Nonauthentic


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a wonderful example of christian love

if sirkowski isn't doing this himself to be funny, i am going zen buddhist.

if this is someone's idea of fun, i almost wish we had a third world war to give kids like these something to do.

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People just don't get it.

Hilarious, man. What's even funnier is what you did to your site. It scares me that there are people who have such a lack of a sense of humour that they took this seriously. I mean, come on, what kind of a lame-ass h4xx0r would change only the front page, leaving everything else on the site intact? Great April Fool's joke on the throngs of dumbasses.

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Mar 30, 2005
2:27 PM EST
Comedy - Parody