Miss.Dynamite XVI

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Edit April 1st 2005: April Fool's! There was no hack!!!
HAHAHA! Ihacke sirKowski you tout you were so grate fo making fun of the brain dead bot the LORD LOOKS ON ON YOU???OK now we make Missdynamite 17 next you if you like if you dont like JESUS IS ANGRY OK???yes we Bring sirKowski website bak wen He excuses ok DONT MAKE FUN OF TERY CHIOVA!!ok


Pretty cool Apr Fools

Its even funnier reading the reviews of those who give bad ratings cause they have no idea what the hell is going on! I give a ten just to balance it out! P.S. bad review writers, the jokes on YOU!!!!!!

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The Hungarians attacked Sirkowski!

BATTLE STATIONS! Oh yeah...it was a Aprils fools joke. I cant believe you made a entry where Eva kills the severe brain damaged lady Terra Schiavo. That was cruel! However Im sure you didnt mean to. I forgive you. That entry you made must be the Miss.Dynamite XVI special edition.( YEAH RIGHT!) It kind of hurted my ears. Ugh....how did you sound like that? X ( From what I heard the users your web site was down when you made this April fools entry to trick them to think that the Hungarians hacked you. Very clever... Well done. Please dont put me on your spam list...

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Good April 1st joke...

I am a devoted fan of the Miss Dynamite series, and actually enjoyed this little prank on both illiterate, yet egotistical Christians, as well as people who just judge flash animations on the quality or can't take a good flash animation with a grain of salt.

Kudos, Sirkowski on making such a great series, and great job, in this case, of showing how fanatical people are more inclined to use sneaky methods like "hacking" or "flaming" to inflate their own overblown views in the face of criticism or controvercy.

Keep up the good work!

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this sure is pretty old but...

For a april fool video, it was quite half-assed. It's like you were on some hard chemics...

To all the haters:

The number one question being asked is: How did this survive the Portal?

It's answer: You obviously did not see the other missdynamite episodes, and this is a wonderful joke poking fun at christians that Sirkowski has mastered.

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2.16 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2005
2:27 PM EST
Comedy - Parody