Bunny VS World [Beta 1.0]

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Normally I don't believe in demos, but it might be a while before this game is finished, so here ya go. I might complete it faster if people want the full version. As it stands, it's just the first level (with an easy boss) and a "bonus" introduction thing, which you may skip. Oh yeah, and it has a cool menu. Everyone loves cool menus...

Play an emotionless ninja rabbit who must cleanse the world of the evil nazi type regime he lives in. The demo is exclusive to Newgrounds. It's not even on Flyborg.net (which you should visit while you're at it.)

PS: This game is based off of the very first character I made for my very first flash movie. :D

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i won tht game! plz read my description.

keep reading this, for the last level code. the last level dcode is: iamcrazy



Not bad but needs some tweaking

Firstly you have to improve the animation, because the soldiers look like the have poles in there mouthe and tec: Th emusic is good and the Mister BUnny's dialogue is ok. Just make the intro not so long and mak ehim have more ways to attack. Like and up jab,nija stars,slice etc: You know make it more special in its own way.

Flyborg responds:

Don't worry, the intro is not in the final version. However, I'm content with the animations, and I believe giving more attacks would make it too easy. He does get to fly a UFO though, if that counts.

nice game Helmi

thats damn fine but...... i think its shouldn't play like the old Mario games were u cant go back were you've been and i think you should get points for double kills, its nice simple controls but it would be cool if you could attack upwards while jumping or even on the ground. but i like it that you cant move while your attacking.

nice work

Flyborg responds:

Hmm... I was thinking of adding a double-kill bonus of some sort, but couldn't figure out how to do it without slowing the game down. I might have figured it out just now though.

Gimme More!

One of the most entertaining things I have played in a long time! The game mechanics just seemed to work perfectly, and the rabbit's random voice bits were hilarious. I definetly want to see a full version!

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4.28 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2005
10:42 AM EST
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