My GOD, Robots! episode 4

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By far the most detailed episode of the series. Best backgrounds, and best boarding. Enjoy the second installment of this contiuity.


Please come up with an idea first!!

Hey man I love your stuff your anamition is great Ive always loved that style and the voice acting is terrific but please o please come up with an idea first. The humor was very low rate I know you can do better than this it was so forced and poorly timed. the fact that you think every spastic moment is gonna be funny is wrong, you have to time it right, I dont wanna be a critic or anything Im just trying to help you get better man (its not like I can do ne thing close to this) but really this episode reminded me of Crab people (no offence to Trey Parker and Matt Stone) but it just wasnt funny you tried to pull everything together when nothing really worked

I Wanna see more from you and better frome you!

It's Zak of course

this is pretty good

this is a good toon and it does have the best graphics out of all your episodes in the series.yeh so keep it up


You made fun of orphans, and that makes this flash okay. <3 the musac was allright too. keep it up.

...fuxxing kangaroos


This is the first in the series that I have seen, but it ROCKS!
It's one of my new favorites.. I must see the others lest I explode!

Obligatory Antics!!!!!!!!1

It was pretty funny, but got boring after a while. The part I really liked, however, was the animation. The frame-by-frame was very well displayed and made me laugh more than the jokes because of the way you combined it with crazy randomness! It was pretty good overall, 2.5 out of 5

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3.94 / 5.00

Mar 29, 2005
9:57 PM EST
Comedy - Original

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