Sniper the Portal Fans

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thanks to all the portal fans out there, without you, this game wouldent be here.

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wtf is this?

it was short, there was no point, and there were no graphics at all, it was horrible


I dont like it at all.(except you kill peeps)A good effort for a 72 year old!

For a little more than 100kb it was fine..........

It was bad allaround, the graphics were small, simple and nearly unanimated, however the music selection was fine, and the voice is a plus.
The idea was a bit...unoriginal, since the concept of shooting still targets has been reused a ton of times. Another bothersome thing is the lack of challenge, I didnt know the Sniper could kill you until I waited to see if something happened.
Overall it was ugly, I didnt like it at all.

Well, not bad!

At first, it looked LAME. But, as I played it, it got better! And, i never even SAW the other sniper! Good job!

I FIRST thought that you were just an asshole

but now i know that you'll an asshole with talent and i really like it. great job

~~~viewed by MoerEESE~~~