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Evil Josh & Billy: Ep. 04

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Evil Josh & Billy: Episode 4

The brothers are sucked into cyberspace! Or are they?... Yeah, yeah they are. MAYBE!

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Love this series.

This video being my favourite out of all of them! :-D


I loved the animation, and the humor was spot-on! "Neat! I wish I did that on purpose!" XD
I have to give you credit for the cameo appearance of the Powerpuff Girls characters (my favorite TV show evah!!!) and I love the ever-changing theme songs.
"we're stranded in the very net of Inter!"
"Pop-ups!" *pop* "Popples!" *pop* "Push-Pops!" *BAAAWWWWW*
"into that bottomless abyss of nothingness! That should be safe!"
"The internet is a dangerous place" FOR PORN "probably a site" FOR PORN
"Those two are enemies! And so are those two! And they're... probably in character..."
*POW* -15 hp
"They've leveled to ridiculous proportions! Billy, it's going to take our combined brain power to OH CRAP OH CRAP OH CRap Oh Crap oh crap oh crap"
"That was all a dream-what the" *KABOOM*


This is one of my new favorite series. The drawing style is unique, and the voices didn't sound like EVERYONE else's (it's weird how they all sound alike among most flashes, so maybe they use the same voice actor?).

BTW, the end was hilarious, especially to myself since I once had a toxic reaction to a med that affects the brain, resulting in severe hallucinations, and a night of constantly waking up from within dreams, thinking I was back to reality, only to realize I was in a dream once again...

That went on for hours, it was cool, at first... like flipping through youtube, wondering if the next video will be cool and unique or another crappy one. After a while, though, I began to think I was in a coma, and that I was going to dream like this, never turning to reality, forever.

very funneh

i just hope that was a rip of EQ and now WoW :D or i'll have to break your face off. good work though~

Holy shit

I laughed so goddamned hard at the end, I started to cry.
Good job man, good job.