SSB Adventures EP2

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Important! there's a secret button after the credits which will let you view outtakes, my only clue is it's near my email address after the credits.
It's finally here, it took me ages. Anyway if you have not seen the first one, watch it before you watch this one to fully understand everything. Anyway hope you enjoy!



Hey it is better than the last one. I thought I had to keep pressing buttions like the first 1. This was very great. Response back please thankyou, It rocked man.

Blackmage responds:

Sorry I took so long to respond. Thanks for the positive feedback! Yeah I took out that button feature and added voies! Thanks again, probably be a while before number three though.

Better than I expected

Hi It's David T here, I play the voice of Kirby in this movie, I already had the script of this movie but it's alot funnier once you actually see it, There was also no script for the outtakes however, I made the one's with Kirby up (except the audition) myself, I made six but only three of them I liked. the other three were: Kirby reading the note upside down, Kirby getting tired form reading the note, Kirby writing a death threat to Eliza from Survivor. Luigi's outtake with the code was funny, (if I knew it was going to be there I probably would have added: "Ya done?")

Blackmage responds:

Hey, thanks! By the way I didn't right scripts for the outtakes for anyone, Luigi made his up too! And the audition outtakes are actually auditions, but there all from the same guy. I put them in as I find his Link voice hilarious, dunno why. "Hi I'm Link, y'know that guy... th-that hero from the legend of zelder!" classic stuff...

it was unique

well it was good thinking, i would of given it a higher score but it is a sprite movie even though there really isn't anything wrong with sprites.


Despite all the characters (execpt kirby and Toad, Kirby is cool) was re-animated from images of megamanX and Zero, This is a funny and respected flash movie. I can't wait to see your next movie.

Blackmage responds:

Thanks, have you seen episode 1?


haha that was fucked up! but still awesome... especially the life thing! good job keep it up!

Blackmage responds:

Yeah, that's one of my favourite gags

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3.44 / 5.00

Mar 29, 2005
7:55 AM EST
Comedy - Parody