Shades of Gray [Ch.1]

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Chapter 1: The Stealing of the Book
Shades of Gray:
A series of Epic immaturity as five guys get together to blackmail their former best friend for all the horrible, embarrassing and outright disgusting things he's ever done to them.
Chapter 2: The Phone Call (Online!)
Notes from the author:
Incase anyone is wondering. This is a complete Movie, but split into chapters. The reason why we are showcasing two vids per day is because of the 5mb upload limits of Newgrounds. Only two video's can be uploaded a day.
We hope that doesn't deter you from watching the series.

Thanks for watching!

Each chapter after Chapter 7 should run for about 4min and 50 seconds. We're trying to extend the time for each Chapter without compromising quality.


A good start

I've been hearing a lot about this series, so I finally decided to check it out.

Life action movies are certainly something of a rarity on Newgrounds, but it looks as though this will be quite nice. It is set up excellently for an indie film, and I am very impressed with the compression rate.

The song seemed really out of place though...

Anyways, not too much happening in the begining, but it's done excellently enough to make me want to keep watching. Good job.

vdj-microbe responds:

I've been watching your progression through the series and I have to say your reviews were awesome. Jesse got you at some points where you thought one thing, but another thing happend. Goes to show you that somethings aren't predictable as you'd like think.

I'll get Jess to respond to your questions posed in some of your reviews. It's good to see how people see how we split up the chapters. It's a learning tool on our part too. =)

Joseph Garcia

Nice start. A bit crusty but nice nonetheless.

After seeing the majority of the series, the camera feels a bit crustier at the beginning. Nevertheless, this is a well done start to an awesome series. It would be great to have it as a movie. Top stuff.


and i thought the preview was good..... this 1st chapter was pretty good. i hope to see some more in this series... looks like it'll be a good one.


That's a nice start up.

vdj-microbe responds:


Whats with all the fake reviews?

Anyone else notice that most of the reviewers registered today and only have reviewed this series? Are they all the same dude with multiple names or just a bunch of friends that you are showing this to (although the reviewers seem to act like they don't know you).

Anyway, conspiracy theory aside... it's ok. Although it is kinda irritating that it has virtually the same title as my Flash series, but it's only a coincidence and I could always use a bit more confusion in my world.

vdj-microbe responds:


We apologize for the title repeat of your series on NewGrounds (one letter different but looks the same anyway). I didn't see your series first and apologize if it causes you any confusion. Not our intention at all and yes it is a coincidence.

We are looking forward to checking out your series and again humbly apologize.

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3.35 / 5.00

Mar 29, 2005
1:33 AM EST
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