Shades of Gray [Ch.1]

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Movie Opening
Chapter 1: The Stealing of the Book
Shades of Gray:
A series of Epic immaturity as five guys get together to blackmail their former best friend for all the horrible, embarrassing and outright disgusting things he's ever done to them.
Chapter 2: The Phone Call (Online!)
Notes from the author:
Incase anyone is wondering. This is a complete Movie, but split into chapters. The reason why we are showcasing two vids per day is because of the 5mb upload limits of Newgrounds. Only two video's can be uploaded a day.
We hope that doesn't deter you from watching the series.

Thanks for watching!

Each chapter after Chapter 7 should run for about 4min and 50 seconds. We're trying to extend the time for each Chapter without compromising quality.


Just give it a try... The cool kids are doing it.

Even its not a NG material you should still watch this movie. Once you try to watch the first chapter you know that you will be hooked You'd be suprise what the outcome of this movie really is, so stay posted.

A must for all movie fans!

I think i have watched Shades of Grey at least 2 or 3 times now, and is stuffed full of memorable witty quotes and scenes. You'd be a fool to miss this film, cos this guy's going places.

Keep it up Jesse!

A work of Art

This movie rocks, I downloaded the full movie from Jesse and I must say Its better than some movies you can buy on DVD! watch it now guys

It's the new "Clerks"

Everyone should watch this. It's the most brilliant lo-budget indie work since Clerks. The level of humor and reality is astounding. Just watch it.

Jeskid r0xx0rz my s0xx0rz

Ah, the first chapter of Shades of Grey. Any movie that has "The Safety Dance" as it's intro music immediately becomes awesome.

Keep up the good work Jesse, Shades of Grey is going to be fucking huge!

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3.35 / 5.00

Mar 29, 2005
1:33 AM EST
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