Shades of Gray [Ch.1]

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Chapter 1: The Stealing of the Book
Shades of Gray:
A series of Epic immaturity as five guys get together to blackmail their former best friend for all the horrible, embarrassing and outright disgusting things he's ever done to them.
Chapter 2: The Phone Call (Online!)
Notes from the author:
Incase anyone is wondering. This is a complete Movie, but split into chapters. The reason why we are showcasing two vids per day is because of the 5mb upload limits of Newgrounds. Only two video's can be uploaded a day.
We hope that doesn't deter you from watching the series.

Thanks for watching!

Each chapter after Chapter 7 should run for about 4min and 50 seconds. We're trying to extend the time for each Chapter without compromising quality.



Well, I didn't really get the point of this, but I found it to be well done. I liked the effects(Zooming out) and the movements of the actors in general.

vdj-microbe responds:

Thanks! Jesse did all the work on this film. He's an excellent director and screen writer. Watch the other chapters! =)



Honestly I don't understand what just happened. I guess I'll have to see the next one. I'll wait till I see the next one before I vote on this one. Nice choice of music lol.

vdj-microbe responds:

All will be explained by the time the series wraps up.

Great film from a great film maker

All I can say is that Shades is an amazing example of guerilla film making at it's finest..


Yo I loved this movie no matter what others say. I saw the whole thing in Windows Media off your site. This has such a low score because no one saw the full thing, and they didn't enjoy these little clips you have submited. It's a really nice well-made movie that everyone should at least try to watch.
PS make a bigger resolution for the flash if possible, and offer a link in the description of this flash to the full movie.

i'm glad to see it shine

I'm glad that this movie is getting out into the world! Ever since a friend mentioned this movie to me, I was hoping it would go places.... and I'm glad newgrounds is giving it a place! Too bad you can't advertise the home site for it here.

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3.35 / 5.00

Mar 29, 2005
1:33 AM EST
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