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Tribute to Beebo

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Since the Beebo movies are so far apart nowadays I've decided to make one myself.

IMPORTANT: fabulous999 gave me permission to use these characters. I sent an e-mail and got one back saying I could use Beebo and Harry.

Onto the movie itself. This one occurs sometime between parts 1 and 2. I made it in about five hours (most time was spent drawing) and it's just as easy as everyone thinks it is. Sorry if my Harry isn't up to your standards. I tried but doing his voice is actually harder than everyone thinks it is.
The real reason I made this is because everything else I'm working on currently won't be done anytime soon because it's either A: a game, or B: a movie that requires many different voice actors (Beebo only requires one guy). Please don't complain about it being unoriginal.
Includes celebrities: Tara Reid and David Schwimmer.
Enjoy the movie.



finally a tribute to beebo, not bad either at first i though it was going to suck but i was surprised to see that all original sprites were used. if "fabulous999"did this i wouldent have seen a difference (execept the first few seconds)

Lambtaco responds:

I think some people acted on their instinct that it would suck and voted 0. Thanks for the compliments.

beebo's back... and this sure aint bad

this was not bad at all. and i know it must be really hard speaking just the way fabulous999. good work :D

It ain't bad...

But you just couldn't stop yourself 'tidying' up the graphics could ya? ;-) Yeah I would have been tempted too. This is a good try at Beebo but let's face it - it's like remaking Psycho. And I reckon you 'overused' the "Beebo Miaows but we know what he said by Harry's reaction" gag - which is a great gag but go easy on it! Good try tho', well done!

I like

This was an impressive resemblence to fabulous's version, it reminds me of the good ol days of beebo. Is fabulous999 ever gonna make another one of those?

Lambtaco responds:

Thanks. and fabulous999 is making another one to promote the Beebo DVD. Or so I've heard.


it looks just like the original beebo movies

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3.67 / 5.00

Mar 28, 2005
5:57 PM EST
Comedy - Parody