Pico's Cousin 2

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HUGE UPDATE 3-28-05: fixed the glitches, completley redid Otis's arms and took out the bad music. Happy? The new arms look really good.
Front page? Well... fuckin A. Thanks a lot.
I was really finished with this about a year ago. I just finally got around to touching it up and submitting.
Theres tons of little cool things about this, i hope you enjoy it. Please write a review and tell me what you think. Also, tell me about any HUGE glitches in the game. There are a couple i am aware of but please tell me if there are any glaring gigantic ones as it takes me about 10 minutes just to test this thing and i'm only one guy.


that elevator thing,why alien hominid! why!

to all those who completely suck at math (for finding the elevator code)its [1][3][0][9] there i just saved you two minutes of crappy math, why you'd make me kill alien hominid and why you make him die so easy thats sick man how do you sleep at night i mean honestly,besides that its an awesome game

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good sequal

You put a lot of effort into this by improving the graphics, continuing from not only picos cousin but Picos school aswell and by putting more interaction with the NPC's. great job.

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whoo hoo i beat the game.
good work there magna

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this was great and really funny.


this is the first game i gave a full 10 score

and to the people who can't get by the elevator, just click the green buttons and type in the code

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3.99 / 5.00

Mar 28, 2005
1:03 PM EST
Adventure - Point 'n Click