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This movie features a little Devil and his adventure with a sword.

Please vote...5..hehe..but please give me some feedback.


Cheese doodles

i dunno what everyone elses problem was as they watched this.. but this is a good animation.. i think we all admit that the graphics kicked ass though.. but then again.. anythings better than my stick man battles in my notebooks :(

Very good

Graphics were excellent, animation was smooth and slick. Could have been a little faster but overall it was very good. Keep up the good work!


As for humour, it wasn't bad. The drawing was great, but the animation was a little too stiff for my liking. The idea on the whole wasn't that original (ie. the whole flashing vertical lines while jumping up with a sword looks good but it's been done to death already), what WAS original were the character designs.

Perhaps in your next flash you could create a "world" to go with your characters; that might prove very interesting.

Good job, on the whole.

Good Good movie

Hey man, just to tell you that this movie was a short amusing thing... Don't change a thing. I like the fact you don't overload your animations with zooms and shit like everyone else does. The lack of plot is what gave this little flash it's charm... Keep up your work, i'm looking forward to it!

nice one

Author's comments:

This movie features a little Devil and his adventure with a sword.
Please vote...5..hehe..

My comments:

Vote 5.... for this?? With pleasure!
A little short, but it was a really cool movie. i liked the little devil guy too, he was a good character. i hope to see more movies with him in it.

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3.82 / 5.00

Mar 28, 2005
7:56 AM EST
Comedy - Original