Will the real Slim Santa

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This is my 5th flash. It's a music video to a parody of the song "will the real slim shady please stand up". Look at my other flash too!

EDIT: I didn't know there was another flash with the same song, I just found the song on kazaa and decided to make a flash to it.



i like it alot nice work makin the remix of "the real slim shady" i liked the remix


i love this vid

You should have waited!

It would have been nice if you had waited until December of this year to submit this, instead of on March. -.-

But it's entertaining to me, I liked it.

I hate when that happens...

Santa Clause caving in because of Fatkins and all that... Santa's fat and immortal. It doesn't get any better, dammit!

Anyway, this is not bad for someone who hasn't been creating flash for long. Some of the animation was pretty simplistic, but it got the point across. It wasn't as good as the other one (that I saw a while back), but that was done by someone with a lot more experience.

You did kinda lack backgrounds, but that's normal for a newbie. Lining backgrounds up with characters is painfully tedious and usually looks terrible the first few times you try it.

You should (based on viewing your earlier work) improve with time. You might consider either creating a script or getting a friend to bounce ideas with. Having something solid to work toward (as opposed to just kinda making something as needed) forces you to come up with ways to accomplish the things you're brainstorming. Then it's a matter of seeking out tutorials and then going through the tedious process of implimenting what you've learned.

One final bit of advice - get into some art classes and get a scanner to import your drawings/images for tracing (or get a tablet if you can afford it). You can only do the simplistic characters for so long before people figure it out and start giving you low scores because of it.

psicicle responds:

Thanks for the nice, long, helpful review. You really are a "tough" reviewer huh, out of 12 pages of reviews written only 4 got 10s? And one, you gave out of sympathy? Well anyway, please review my newest flash!

this rulz

i found out about this as i'm friends with your brother and would have just voted 5 anyway but this is really really good

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3.38 / 5.00

Mar 28, 2005
3:20 AM EST
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