Tower Defence

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Welcome to Tower Defence. In this game you must build towers to stop the advancing armies. There are 15 levels each increasingly difficult.
I have modified the last level to make it a little easier, some people found it a bit difficult.

Have Fun


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? cool...

wel what can i say i made it to lvl 11 while basicly not knowing what i was doing so to kill enemys you click on the towers until they go green? and after that their full for the rest of the game? when i ran out of places to build on i got defeated it realy wasent clear what the towers where doing at any time the only thing i noticed is that random enemy`s diseapeared when i clicked on a towers that was red and then it kind of breaks when it becomes green i gues then you have to delete it and then build a new one? wel any way it was quit a boring game that need a lot more details and maby more levels and some upgrade options and more towers? maby some way of seeing what tower atacks what? at the verry least explain how the game works if you plan to keep going i wish you good luck there are tons of these games that are a LOT better

Not very good sorry,

You cant even see bullets...


If the game looks like this, it should have atleast perfect gameplay but no, it's rather confusing.

Congrats on the views

Well, it must be weird having something so popular that most people don't seem to like. What I didn't like about this was how the graphics were not very good. Everything just seemed so bland. I have played so many defence games that have had better detail. Even the name needs to have more to it. It would also be a lot more enjoyable if there were sounds to accompany the enemies as they were being defeated.

I suggest you put in a lot more detail into pretty much everything. Try to work better with the shading, because it seems way off in this. Well, maybe not so much off as it looks like it took little effort to make. The music wasn't that bad. I am sorry, but there is definitley a lot of room for improvement for the creation of another game.

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2.08 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2005
6:56 AM EST
Strategy - Tower Defense