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The title space is too short...

No, for all those wondering, the Miss.Dynamite anime isn't dead.

I've been working on the Faster, Dynamite! Kill! Kill! manga for the past year and now that it's done, I've started to animate again. I'm still a bit rusty, but Miss.Dynamite XVI will be coming out soon on Newgrounds.


this was in really bad taste

i would be ashamed of myself if i had made this. this isn't satire or well thought out. if this was made for pure shock value i guess you succeeded, it probably got a lot of people angry. its pretty low though. *shrug*

I don't see what the big deal is!

I don't get it, the parentsof this woman complaining about pulling the plug on their "little girl". Sorry mate, but she hasn't been much of anything for a long time now. I don't see you complain about all the tax funded expenses for keeping your little girl alive. You want her alive - then take her home and look after her yourself!

Excellent Flash by the way. Pretty damn righteous! Damn the Man!

People, get a LIFE

This wasn't a great flash at all, but jesus christ people, you vote high on things that kill other people, what makes braindead Schiavo any friggin different? People die EVERY SECOND. Deal with it. Schiavo is not the first VEGETABLE to have the cord pulled on them, and she won't be the last.


I don't like rumors about this, I mean... I simply don't care. But it seems you took that with your heart, why so tastelessy?


I'm giving this a high score just because I can't stand all these activist protesting like they give a dam. FUCK YOU you fucking pricks you go around going on hunger strikes like it's gonna change anything and you cry for this women like you actualy know her YOU people make me sick. Have some fucking dignity and stay the fuck out of things that don't concern you if she dies who gives a fuck? like it's realy gonna change your everyday lives you'll all find something new to bitch about a week after she dies.

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Mar 25, 2005
2:14 PM EST
Comedy - Parody