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Mar 24, 2005 | 9:16 PM EST
  • Daily Feature March 26, 2005

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A ninja is at a rambonctious state of mind. Re writen the script, its funier.



Rated 1 / 5 stars

This made Tool luver cry??

That's poposterous!!!

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I created an account here just to review this.

This is, as a matter of fact, the first entry I have ever made on Newgrounds, or any other message board on the Internet. I am doing so now to hopefully lend some direction as far as your storytelling goes – because lets face it, the storytelling was the absolute worst thing about this short. Why was the ninja killing those people? What do ninjas and South American soldiers have to do with each other, unless he was Chuck Norris? These questions need to be answered before the climax of the piece; otherwise there is no real motivation to sit through the whole thing, or to not be disgusted by the end. What was all of that banter at the end? You raised issues that did not, to the viewer, seem to relate in any way to the story. Finally, please bring some goddamn resolve to your story, and don’t cop out with any of that to be continued crap that everyone brings to the table. I would really like to see you succeed, and this goes for anybody out there, learn to ‘storytell’ before writing stories. Thank you.

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Wow that sucked!! i don't know why people are saying it was so good... i mean the animation was not well done and how come that ninja knows how to use a gun and wtf would there be a ninja in the time in which people invented guns??? that whole thing doesn't make sense!! i mean let us be realistic here... ninjas DONT USE GUNS!!!!!! THEY NEVER DID AND NEVER WILL!!!! IF THEY DO USE GUNS THEN THEY AREN"T NINJAS!!!!!!! GET THAT THROUGH YOUR HEAD!!!! NINJAS HAVE NO CLUE WAT A GUN IS OR WAT IT IS FOR!!!! Your story would have been better if the ninja had some sort of special ability like the ability to raise the land or make a small energy blast that pushes the enemy back!! BUT NINJAS NEVER EVER EVER USE GUNS!!!!!! *whew* longest review i've ever wrote... lol :P


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Not entertained.

Well, it's not the worst graphics I have ever seen, and the fighting was decent. Running past the building at the beginning was a nice touch. The main problem with this flash is that it fails to acomplish anything new or interesting. Honestly now, rambling off some cliche remarks does not constitute a story. I nearly fell out of my chair laughing when he said he was looking for his brother. That is not original in the least. One more thing. The word "shall." I'll admit, it's a cool word. I use it myself when I want to sound Middle English. The fact is, Ninjas spoke dilects of Chinese, not English. Now I'm not saying you should have done this in Chinese, but you should at least try to make the grammar a little more believable.


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this is stolen

this is a ripped work-this is a stolen flash

demonhunter667q responds:

i BEG YOUR PARDON? You must be sadly mistaken, I worked hard on this.