Internet Junkiez- Teazer

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Heheh, this is sooooo a final fantasy 7/11 rip off. Anyways, Note:NO PRELOADER! (If I try to put one into my movie it'll phuck up teh text)

This movie was made for school, and I thought the movie was due TODAY(3-24-05) so I made a "teazer" in one day. (wow!) and I just found out this thing is due at the end of next week. So I have time to make Episode one. Anywho, I'm submitting this. Enjoy it!
Error!It's supposed to be Mrs.Raymond, Not Mr.Raymond XD!! I'll fix it l8er.



This is really funny i hope it will come out soon

Indeed choice music...

Looks really fun, hope to see more.

Awesome music

Brass monkey that funky monky brass monkey junkie that funkie monkey. GOOOt this dance thats more than real drink brass monky thats how ya feel put ya left leg down ya right leg up tilt ya head back lets finish the cuuup . M.C.A. with with the bottle----Deeeee rocks the can Adrock gets nice with charlie chaaan
Ok i know the rest but its a lot o typing it a awesome song Brass monkey Beasy boys

loved it

i liked how u put one of beastie boys best songs init. 1

good good good.

you need to make a series out of this regard this if you already are i must not have seen this it would be a preety good series.

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3.70 / 5.00

Mar 24, 2005
10:14 AM EST
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