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EDIT (April 2, 2005):
Thanks for the front page everyone (who liked it)!

Hopefully the last Matrix spoof EVAR. Here's a collaboration project we've been trying to get done for waaaaay too long. Here's the short story:

1) Started about 8 months ago (when the matrix was still NOT a stale subject)

2) We are aware we are using LegendaryFrog's main idea for the project. He also knows what that we used it, and he did not mind. He even helped us out a bit.

3) Yes there are only 3 movies. The problem is we kept getting unreliable people. That is why we took so long and don't have as much as we could. (we went through probably about 12 people and 9 scripts total).

So that's pretty much the scoop. There was MUCH more planned for this, but we're through with waiting. I figure now's as good a time as any to release it, seeing how The Matrix Online just came out.

Enjoy! (hopefully)

Restaurant - th1rt3en
Awakening - Zonzo
Construct - NALO



THis is the best matrix i have seen yet!!!

Funny as Hell

that was one of the funniest flashes ever great work and keep the good flashes coming! Friggin excellent

That was funny

That was FUNNY!!! And those were some good drawings! Please make more!

top notch

Superb job guys :) Even without all the other stuff you had planned, it has turned out great. Many apolegies for being one of those unreliable people :P
Brilliant work :D

th1rt3en responds:

nah, you had college to start, probably the only legitimate reason┬╣┬│


If I had a dollar for every time I watched this movie and actually enjoyed it, I'd have ONE dollar.

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Mar 23, 2005
9:14 PM EST
Comedy - Parody